Trader Joe’s Meat and Potatoes

Where was Trader Joe’s when I was single? This is the kind of thing we don’t eat much around the Clubhouse anymore, maybe on nights that Becky is away at book club or girls night out me and the boys eat some real meat and potatoes! This would be one of those things I would’ve stocked the freezer with and after a long day at work heat these up and have a couple of cold beers and watch some Clint Eastwood or something on TV. Of course, those are the nights I didn’t have a date (which were many…).

I’m like any other red blooded American male, I love meat and potatoes. We don’t eat as much beef around here as is my natural inclination, but that’s probably a good thing for my heart! So basically what you have here is a frozen bag of sirloin beef and wedge shaped potatoes that have been pre cooked and seasoned with oil and herbs. It’s your job to heat it up correctly. Actually, there was quite a bit of herbs, which I liked quite a bit. There is a method on the bag to cook it in the microwave, but I would recommend not doing that and use a nonstick skillet on the stovetop that way you can brown up the meat and potatoes a bit.

If I was going to make a meal out of this, I would probably add some vegetables also to round things out. I think the bag could serve two people if you did that. As it was I ate the whole freaking bag by myself (I was starving when I made it!). Man I was stuffed after that! I was actually quite surprised at how decent this was. Like I said, I cooked it in a skillet and browned up the meat and potatoes a little more and I think that add a nice layer of flavor and made the texture much better.

The potatoes were done quite nicely and I was very happy with their flavor, texture and doneness (is that a word?). They weren’t too mushy, but don’t expect crispy potatoes here. The meat was decent. Nothing to write home about but not bad. You never know what to expect from these dishes with frozen meat sometimes they are tough and other times they are mushy. These weren’t too bad!

I might actually buy this again and hide in the back of the freezer from Becky for the next night it’s just me and the boys eating some real manly food!

I’m going to rate this one 7 Bells!


    • I check back every week praying that they changed their mind about it … I don’t understand how it had low sales, it was my FAVORITE TJs product by far! :'(

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