Trader Joe’s New Products This Week 1/8/24

Trader Joe's New Products 1/8/24
Trader Joe’s New Products 1/8/24

Here is your weekly rundown of newly released Trader Joe’s products.

This week is January 8th, 2024 and it’s been a slow few weeks on the new product releases as is typical this time of year. There is always a slowdown after the holiday rush. Can you believe it’s 2024 already?

What we are showing are completely new products that Trader Joe’s is releasing. January is not really busy for seasonal products, except for some Valentine’s Day stuff. But there are a few interesting things they have released.

Here are the new products to look out for in the week of  January 8th, 2024 with my snarky comments:

Trader Joe's Apple Tatin Tartelettes
Trader Joe’s Apple Tatin Tartelettes

Trader Joe’s Apple Tatin Tartelettes

Trader Joe’s Says:  “Accident or no accident, however, making a modern-day Apple Tatin from scratch is actually quite a tricky and time-consuming endeavor. Lucky for you, for a limited time, we’re doing the work for you—and we’re doing it well—with Trader Joe’s Apple Tatin Tartelettes! They’re made for us authentically in France, and they heat from frozen in just 15-20 minutes in the oven or 11⁄2-2 minutes in the microwave. They come two- to-a-box, so you can enjoy them one Tartelette at a time, or, if you’re feeling generous, you can share your Tartelettes with the apple of your eye!”

Our Comments: We love Apple Tarte Tatin in this household and we were excited to buy it. We’ve already sampled it and have very positive thoughts about it. Review coming shortly.

Price: $4.99/10.58 Oz there are two in a box

Buy or Pass? Buy!

Trader Joe's Organic Darjeeling Green Tea
Trader Joe’s Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

Trader Joe’s Organic Darjeeling Green Tea

Trader Joe’s Says:Located in the northeastern corner of India, Darjeeling is known for its beautiful Buddhist and Hindu temples, dramatic mountain vistas, and, of course, its tea. Blessed with a mild, subtropical climate, and dizzying 4,000- foot elevation, Darjeeling has some of the best conditions on the planet for growing tea leaves, producing blends marked with an elegantly delicate sweetness and herby, refreshing aroma. In fact, Darjeeling is often called “the Champagne of teas,” which is certainly an apt comparison point for our fine, bright, and lightly fruity Trader Joe’s Organic Darjeeling Green Tea. (Except for the bubbles, of course.)”

Our Comments: We drink a ton of tea but unfortunately the tea that we have had from Trader Joe’s isn’t very high quality. 

Price: $4.49/48 Bags

Buy or Pass? Buy with caution

Trader Joe's Tortilla Espanola
Trader Joe’s Tortilla Espanola

Trader Joe’s Tortilla Española

Trader Joe’s Says: “In contrast to the corn and flour tortillas of Mesoamerican and Mexican cuisine, a Spanish tortilla (also known as a Spanish omelette) is more akin to a hearty frittata. Typically made from a mix of eggs, potatoes, and, often, thinly sliced onions, the tortilla is a cornerstone of the Spanish culinary tradition of tapas, where it’s served alongside other appetizers and finger foods. Surprisingly complex in both flavor and texture for its seemingly simple ingredient list, a Spanish tortilla can also be surprisingly difficult to make at home, which makes the ease of preparing Trader Joe’s Tortilla Española all the more impressive.”

Our Comments: This looks like the most interesting product I’ve seen at Trader Joe’s in a few weeks. We are rushing to the store now to pick some up!

Price: $5.49/21.16 Oz

Buy or Pass? Buy!

Trader Joe's Chicken Lentil Caramelized Onion Pilaf
Trader Joe’s Chicken Lentil Caramelized Onion Pilaf

Trader Joe’s Chicken, Lentil & Caramelized Onion Pilaf

Trader Joe’s Says: “Inspired by a traditional Persian dish, Adas Polo, Trader Joe’s Chicken, Lentil & Caramelized Onion Pilaf is a fluffy, flavorful mix of basmati rice, hearty green lentils, diced caramelized onions, and tender dark meat chicken. Golden raisins and dates add sweetness and texture, and a blend of salt, pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and saffron tie it all together. The end result is an unforgettably delicious and astonishingly easy meal that you can take from freezer to table in mere minutes.”

Our Comments: This looks like another very interesting dish from Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s rarely drops the ball on these rice and chicken dishes in the bag.

Price: $4.49/14 Oz

Buy or Pass? Buy!


  1. Wish you would make more items with chicken breast instead of dark meat So many products I would like to try but do not like the dark meat like kungpo chicken orange chicken Please make white meat options

    • There’s a reason almost all chefs prefer dark meat — it’s more flavorful and moist. If you like breast, you might as well eat tofu.

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