Trader Joe’s This is not a tub of cream cheese


Ok, here is another quick review mainly because this product is awful and one dimensional. I think this might win the prize for the longest name of any Trader Joe’s product to date. The best I can tell it’s called “This is not a tub of cream cheese. This is a tub of non-dairy spread”. Clearly they are aiming at Vegans and lactose intolerant people. But I can tell you I wouldn’t touch this product with a 10 foot pole again. When I opened it, it looks exactly like cream cheese and spreads like it and feels like it. But after that when you put it in your mouth, it’s just awful. There is almost no flavor there and what little flavor I picked up was kind of like cardboard. Really, like wet cardboard. Sorry Trader’s  you need to go back to the drawing board on this one.  This may not be a tub of cream cheese, but that is still no reason to put this in your mouth!

I am rating this 2 bells!


  1. I actually like it. It helps if you chop up olives and have it with them. But I was a cream cheese addict before I became a vegan and this one is better than some of the other alternatives. Tofutti unhydrogenated better than cream cheese is about the same in my opinion.

  2. I'm sure if you used it in baking or dressed it up with stuff like Olives, it's palatable. I am not a vegan so I only have to compare it with real cream cheese and it didn't even come close. I should probably sample some of the competition and see how it compares. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I have been eating vegan cream cheese since it came on the market years ago, and I can tell you this is by far the WORST cream cheese I have ever tasted in my entire life. Tofutti is 100000 times better than this. I am trying to think how I might save it since I don't want to drive all the way back to TJ's to return. I think I will mash some chipotle's in adobo sauce tonight. This is an offense to vegans and lactose intolerance folks everywhere. It tastes like cold, flavorless oil. Not surprising when you see the second ingredient is coconut oil. Yuck!!!

  4. I agree. This stuff is the worst thing I've ever had from Trader Joe's and they are still selling it today! Yuck!

  5. I like this even better than Tofutti. I mix this up with chopped chives, a pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper for an herb cream cheese – it's delicious. It also doesn't have any soy or non-hydrogenated oils in it, unlike the original Tofutti…

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