Trader Joe’s Wreath Cookies

Next up is the Trader Joe’s Wreath Cookies with Cranberries and Pistachios.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of these when I first saw them on the self. It wasn’t the usual Trader Joe’s packaging, but I like the retro style and it looks very much like a gift which I’m sure was the intent here. It looks so nice, I’ll buy boxes of it and give them as gifts and you can’t go wrong for $2.49 for these Trader Joe’s Wreath Cookies.

Trader Joe’s has been big on dipping just about everything in chocolate or frosty these days and these cookies are no exception. These are round shaped butter cookies with a hole in the middle, dipped in vanilla frosty and then sprinkled with crushed pistachios and dried cranberries. They look very attractive on the plate, very festive with the green and red colors on the white background of frosting.

As for the taste, they were quite good! I liked the butter cookie under the frosting. The frosting only covers the one side of the cookie and the other side is exposed cookie. The the frosting was just the right amount of vanilla and the cranberries and pistachios give them a good texture contrast.

Stuff these in your kids stockings or take them to the office party. I don’t think you can go wrong with these. The only downside was that the pistachios and cranberries are apt to fall of and collect on the plastic tray in the box.
I am going to rate these Trader Joe’s Wreath Cookies 7 bells!

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