Trader Joe’s New Products This Week 2/26/24

In this week’s episode of “What Will They Think of Next?”, Trader Joe’s has once again outdone themselves in a never-ending quest to fill our homes with food products we never knew we needed (but now can’t live without, apparently). From the avocado slicer that doubles as a smartphone stand (because why not?), to the eco-friendly, Bluetooth-enabled bamboo toothbrush (finally, we can tweet while brushing!), this week’s roundup is a dazzling display of ingenuity that meets “Who actually buys this stuff?”. Buckle up, folks – it’s going to be a wild ride through the latest and, dare we say, “greatest” offerings from the world’s most unexpectedly creative retailer.

This week is February 26th, 2024, and here is a list of new products!

Trader Joe’s Spicy Meat Pizza

Trader Joe’s Spicy Meat Pizza

Trader Joe’s Says: “Meat lovers, rejoice-it’s time to meet-za the pizza of your dreams! Made for us in Italy by one of our favorite pizza partners, Trader Joe’s Spicy Meat Pizza starts like all good pizzas do: with high-quality dough. Our supplier leaves the dough to proof for a full 24 hours, then hand-stretches it into roughly 10-inch crusts. Each crust is then topped with an umami-rich tomato sauce (made with a bit of Balsamic vinegar to deepen its flavor), shredded mozzarella cheese, and a top-tier trio of tasty toppings: spicy smoked sausage, savory pork meatballs, and grilled red bell peppers.”

Our Comments: All I can say is it’s about damn time we had a real meat lovers pizza! sausage and meatballs and peppers on a pizza. Come to daddy!

Price: $5.99/18.34 Oz

Buy or Pass: A definite Buy!

Trader Joe’s Hold The Cone Tips

Trader Joe's Hold the Cone Tips
Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips

Trader Joe’s Says: “Of course, now we’re talking about a product, not a piece of advice. Patently styled after our iconic Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones, which are found in our freezers, these Cone Tips are cookies, not ice cream. In effect, we’ve removed the entire top portion of the cone (including the ice cream), leaving behind a conical nugget, the crunchiest part or the Waffle Cone, where the seam comes to a point. Their colossal crunch is complemented by a rich filling of smooth, dark chocolate—not unlike what you find at the bottom of our Mini Ice Cream Cones.”

Our Comments: Reread my first paragraph. I’m sure this is a great product, but it looks like a product in search of an audience. These are not frozen if you are curious but you will find them in the cookie section. Looks great but we’ll see. Come back for our full review soon, but what could be wrong with waffle cone and dark chocolate?

Price: $3.99/3.53 Oz

Buy or Pass: Buy!

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Corn

Trader Joe's Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Corn
Trader Joe’s Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Corn

Trader Joe’s Says: “Snuggling in for a night of streaming? Catching up with friends over a cuppa? In need of post-snowball fight sustenance? Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn is a snack-meets-dessert worthy of the aforementioned mid-winter pastimes—or any other time, for that matter! Our supplier starts with a Kettle Popcorn base—a satisfying, carnival-classic snack in its own right—to which they add pieces of freeze-dried Strawberry and a rich, Chocolatey Drizzle. A fun, fruity antidote to the winter blahs, the strawberries provide pleasant pops of ruby color and bright notes of sun-kissed berry flavor, while the Chocolatey Drizzle elevates the crunchy Kettle Popcorn from everyday snack to elegant, irresistible treat.”

Our Comments: We’ve already bought and tried this product and we can say it is so good! What could be better than Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn? Almost nothing! The freeze dried strawberries give it an extra pop that is hard to beat.

Price: $3.49/5 Oz

Buy or Pass: Buy!

Trader Joe’s Brookie Caramel Candy Clusters

Trader Joe's Brookie Clusters
Trader Joe’s Brookie Clusters

Trader Joe’s Says: “As anyone who’s tried the Brookie from our bakery section can attest, something utterly magical happens when brownies and chocolate chip cookies meet. Perhaps it should come as no suprise, then, that when you invite caramel, dark chocolate, and sea salt to the meeting too, that magic multiplies by an order of magnitude. This the-more-the-merrier spirit is at the heart of Trader Joe’s Brookie Caramel Candy Clusters, an impressively indulgent sweet treat that’s now available at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s”

Our Comments: I’ve rated Trader Joe’s Brookies and they ain’t all that great but this is not that. These look absolutely indulgent! Brookie + Caramel + Dark Chocolate is almost more than I can handle. Looks like Trader Joe’s has been busy coming up with new ways to fatten us up. Thankfully these bags are quite small at 6oz

Price: $3.99/6 Oz

Buy or Pass: Buy!


That’s pretty much it for this week! Stay tuned for our latest reviews of these products and more!


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