Trader Joe’s Peppermint Bark Popcorn

Where do I start with this one? I can just see the amount of work that went into this product from the cute packaging to the little pepperminty balls of joy that the elves at Trader Joe’s toiled tirelessly away on all year. Every so often Trader Joe’s knocks one out of the park, so to speak, and this is one of those times. Don’t walk, run to your favorite Trader Joe’s and pick up as many of these you can! They are that freaking good…

Let me break these down for you. On the packaging they say “Caramel Popcorn Coated in Dark Chocolate and Enrobed in a White Chocolate and Peppermint” Wow there is a lot going on there! Popcorn, covered in caramel, covered in dark chocolate, covered in white chocolate, covered in peppermint candy coating. It’s like a party in your mouth!

It reminds me of those earth cutaway diagrams you see in textbooks when you were in school… kind like this:

Except they really look like this:

They are about the size of a nickel, maybe up to a quarter. The exterior is kind of hard but biting into them reveals the different layers. Seriously, I could eat bags of these things they are that good. They have that crunch, salty, caramel, peppermint, chocolaty thing that everyone loves all rolled into one tight package. Buy as many as you can before they are gone!

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