Trader Joe’s Peppermint Macarons

TraderJoesPeppermintMacaronsTrader Joe’s Peppermint Macarons. Trader Joe’s goes all out at Christmas time and there are so many cookies, candies, cakes and other misc treats that I can’t keep up! I did the usual thing this year, I went out in early December and bought a ton of different cookies and such and put them aside to review them and the holiday rush comes in and I end up with a ton of cookies the kids end up eating and I never review them! One cookie I did get in this year is the new Peppermint Macarons. (Macaron is the French spelling. Most American spellings are Macaroon) Becky once took a trip (way before children) to the Alsace region of France and we did a lot of strolling through the towns up and down the Alsace. There were bakeries everywhere and they all handed out Macarons as an enticement to come in and buy more sweets! They were ethereal!

I was really looking forward to reviewing them after I found the Pumpkin Macarons to be really, really good. I gave them 9 bells! Trader Joe’s has found some source in France to make these Macarons because the keep coming up with different seasonal Macarons plus the standard ones they have all year long. They seem to be pretty darn popular!

peppermintmacaronWell, I can’t say how disappointed I was after tasting these Peppermint Macarons. It was just me either, both my kids hated them too! Anyway, I pulled them out of the freezer and these Macarons are pretty delicate. The instructions say to take them out of the freezer, leave them in the tray and cut a slit in the plastic covering and sit on the counter for 20 minutes before eating. I could barely keep the kids away from them. My older son destroyed one of the Macarons by sticking his finger in it. Which brings up another gripe of mine. These things are super delicate. Look at them wrong and they will collapse in on themselves. I think we destroyed half of them trying to get them out of the tray they came in. I don’t remember the Pumpkin Macarons being so delicate…

Time to taste the Macarons. I pulled the plastic off the tray and coaxed a couple of macarons   out of the tray and handed them to my kids and one for me. Oh boy, my 10 year old son spit it out and washed his mouth out with water. He said it tasted like “chemicals”. My younger son didn’t have the same reaction, but he didn’t care for them either. I popped one in my mouth and they really did taste like some weird peppermint chemical cleaner. Yuck! It’s like they put waaaay too much peppermint flavoring in them. I could barely taste the chocolate center. I was not happy.

I recommend that you get the regular flavored macarons if you want to buy them. I know we are almost to Christmas, but stir clear of these macarons, they are awful! I am going to give the Trader Joe’s Peppermint Macarons only 5 Bells!

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