Top 10 Best Frozen Vegan Foods At Trader Joe’s in 2023

Trader Joes Top Frozen Vegan


I love to try new Vegan food all the time. The less meat we can all eat, I think it’s so much better for the planet. Trader Joe’s does a great job of catering to the Vegan crowd and there are so many options to eat clean vegan food from Trader Joe’s. They really know this demographic and it shows with all the foods that they supply people that are Vegan eaters. I’ve tasted hundreds and hundreds of different Trader Joe’s products and over the years I have eaten more than my fair share of Vegan frozen meals. In this article, I wanted to showcase those frozen vegan food items that I particularly enjoyed. 

Trader Joe’s Vegan Vegetable Panang Curry

1 – Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry Review 

Trader Joe’s loves Thai food and they have a lot of options in frozen and jarred/canned Thai foods. Thailand has a long history of vegetarianism due to the Buddhist monks practicing it for a very long time.

When you have such good Vegan food, why would you eat meat? There is quite a variety of vegetables in this dish. Baby Corn, Spinach, Green Beans, Kale, Zucchini, Asparagus, Onions, Snow Peas, and Thai Chilis. Now being able to tell what you have swimming in the curry sauce is a different matter.

But it’s all good. The smell is incredible with an authentic Thai curry smell. The flavors meld together in a cohesive way. It’s not too spicy. I would say it’s medium heat and I am pretty sensitive to spicy food these days. If you want heat, you are going to have to add some of your own.

Trader Joe’s Vegan Green Curry

2 – Trader Joe’s Vegan Green Thai Curry Review 

Trader Joe’s Green Thai Curry is the real deal. It comes from Thailand and smells and tastes like you are in a Thai restaurant. The aromas coming out of the bowl were incredible. Smelled just like a visit to Thailand.

You can see the sheets of tofu as they look like sliced chicken and to be honest, I couldn’t tell. That’s what makes this vegan dish so interesting. The tofu strips were just like chicken. The texture was like chicken. I could probably serve this to my kids and tell them it was chicken and nobody would know.

The only downside of this dish is that seems to be more tofu strips and sauce than anything else. I think you can count the five carrot cubes and two eggplant chunks. But you really can’t beat this for a full-flavored, and spicy meal. 

Trader Joe’s Vegan Pasta Bolognese

3 – Trader Joe’s Vegan Pasta Bolognese Review

Trader Joe’s has really knocked one out of the park here. Even though I am not a vegan, I could eat this every day for lunch. I didn’t miss the meat one single bit. The sauce was rich and “meaty” and the pasta was just the right amount of doneness.
The pasta was not soggy or wet and had a little bit of bite to it, just as you would expect. You could literally take this out of the bowl and microwave several of them together and serve this to friends at a dinner party and they would love it.
The only thing I miss would be some crusty bread, parmesan cheese (do they even make vegan parmesan cheese?), and maybe a sprinkling of fresh basil if you have it. I really like this and will definitely be buying this again. At $3.49 a box, it’s a steal. I am going to rate these 9 Bells!
Trader Joe’s Tofu Scramble

4 – Trader Joe’s Tofu Scramble with Soy Chorizo Review

In terms of the flavor, I really liked it. The texture was good. I didn’t think it was too far off from a real egg scramble. The fake Chorizo was pretty authentic. It had a nice spicy kick and a deep depth of smokey flavor. It was quite filling and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to put it in a tortilla and make a burrito out of it. But we have to talk about the skeleton in the closet. The sodium.
The single-serving package lists the sodium content in this entrée at 980 milligrams, which is 43% of the recommended salt intake for one day (based on the standards set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Considering that the American Heart Association says that we eat nearly twice the amount of salt that we should, it’s rough to start the day with a breakfast dish that contains such a high level. 
Would I buy it again? Yes, I thought it was good! At $3.99 it isn’t too bad at 370 calories and filled me up. I will give it 8 Bells!
Trader Joe’s Vegan Meatless Pizza

5 – Trader Joe’s Vegan Meatless Meat Eaters Pizza Review

The crust was nice and crispy as I wheeled the pizza cutter through the pie and cut it into quarters. Before I took a bite of the crust, I pulled off a “pepperoni” and ate it separately. It was kind of mushy. Normal pepperoni is a little firm like all salamis, but this just melted in my mouth. The flavors were spot on, but the texture was weird.

The sausage on the other hand was firm and had a bite to it and I think it’s much easier to make vegan sausage than pepperoni and it had a good Italian sausage flavor. So, I finally took a bite so I could have the whole thing in my mouth at once and the crust and sauce were great. I like my crust a little on the crunchy side and this didn’t disappoint.

Taken altogether, this wasn’t half bad! I could eat this on a regular basis and not miss having any real meat. The only off-putting thing was the weird texture on the “pepperoni” but when you take a bit of the crust and sauce and everything altogether, you don’t really notice it. At 750 calories, it’s too much for one person and not enough for two to split.


Trader Joes Vegan Tikka Masala box
Trader Joes Vegan Tikka Masala box

6 – Trader Joe’s Vegan Tikka Masala Review

This is pretty standard fare for Trader Joe’s. Something with meat (or fake meat in this case) and some rice or something on the other side of the plate. You pop it in the microwave and presto it’s done in a couple of minutes. Normally, I would bring something like this to work and supplement it with another side dish like those spicy pumpkin samosas that I reviewed. Once it’s cooled off a little just dig in. The rice has some flavor, but honestly, once you put the Tikka Masala on it you’ll never taste it.

 I did like the Tikka Masala sauce. The fake meat chunks had a weird texture and a rubber flavor that was a little off-putting. The sauce helps cover it all up. The rice was good. The spice level was good if a little weak.

It was very easy to make but just popping it in the microwave, which I really appreciate. 

Trader Joe's Riced Cauliflower Bowl
Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Bowl

7 – Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Vegan Bowl Review

This bowl couldn’t be simpler. Take it out of the box. Just cut a slit in the top of the plastic and nuke it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Take off the plastic and stir and nuke again for a minute or two. Voila, done!

The aromas emanating from the microwave were incredible. I was eager to pull off the plastic top and dig into it. The bowl is a brightly colored mix of vegetables, grains, and other interesting bits. My first bite was a bit sour but as I ate more it seemed like it was balanced well and the sourness seemed to fade. It has a bit of chili heat and the tahini gives it a really nice richness. I really quite enjoyed this and even as a non-vegan I would be happy to eat this again!

Trader Joe's Organic Açaí Bowl
Trader Joe’s Organic Açaí Bowl

8 – Trader Joe’s Organic Acai Bowl Review

As for the actual taste? It was good! I really liked the blend of fruit and granola crunch. Now I want to try the real thing. But, I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s is going to get around to getting everything to thaw out without turning into a watery mess pretty quickly. This seems like something you could easily make at home with Trader Joe’s Açaí puree that they sell and some fruit and granola in about the same time it would take to make the bowl from the freezer. This is supposed to be vegan and organic so it has that going for it.

Trader Joe's Meatless Breakfast Patties
Trader Joe’s Meatless Breakfast Patties

9 – Trader Joe’s Meatless Breakfast Patties

Nicely browned and I would dare anyone by looking at them to tell me they aren’t the real thing, pork I mean. They offer three methods to cook them. Microwave, oven, and skillet. I don’t like to microwave food if I can avoid it so I opted for the skillet preparation and considering that they are already cooked, it was basically to warm them up. I tossed them into a skillet with a quick spray of Trader Joe’s Canola oil in a spray can so they wouldn’t stick to my stainless steel skillet. Fried them up for a couple of minutes on each side. I have to say they really smell like pork breakfast sausages! So, two good marks for look and smell.


Tteok Bok Ki Rice Cakes


10 – Trader Joe’s Tteok Bok Ki Review

A few things that stood out to me were how white the tteok (rice cake) was. they’re usually not THAT snow-white, but they turned out to be pretty decent. 

The sauce is mild and I think it’s a good starter. Just sweet enough, not spicy. Tteok has good chew, but the sauce didn’t penetrate it, so it kind of tasted bland which kind of sucks because I like the sauce. I added some cheesy fish cakes. Next time I’ll try crisping the tteok. I’d recommend adding some soft-boiled eggs. But this dish is mind blowingly hot if you aren’t Korean. It has to be the hottest food I’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s1

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