Trader Joe’s (Jose’s) Pizza al Pollo Asada

It’s hard to keep up with the Trader Joe’s Pizza offering these days! I swear the pizza section of the freezer is going to take over the whole freezer!

I saw this the other day and picked it up mainly because the picture on the box looked so darn good! And frankly is sounded good too: “Pizza al Pollo Asado” which roughly translates to Grilled Chicken pizza, but with a Mexican twist! The long name on the product is Corn Masa Crust with Grilled Chicken Breast, Refried Beans, Jack Cheese and Tomatillo Salsa.

Growing up, one of my favorite pizzas was Taco Pizza. I just loved the combination of flavors. It was like regular pizza, but different. This Pollo Asado pizza sounds like a very grown up version of that. Actually, on the box they say it’s more closely related to a Huarache or a Sope which are street food dishes served on a masa base. In fact, I would be hard pressed to really call this a “pizza”. If I could roll it up like a taco or burrito I would. Eating flat like a pizza seems odd.

I baked in my oven per the instructions on the back of the box. Took it out and I could smell the combination of grilled chicken and re-fried beans. The crust is heavier and thicker than a normal pizza crust, but that’s just the nature of masa. But it works in this creation! The masa crust got semi-crunchy on the bottom but not nearly as much as a pizza, again the masa.

I cut it into wedges with my pizza wheel and ate a slice and another then the other two. It was really delicious! There was just the right amount of heat. The re-fried beans were not too thick or heavy. The chicken was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. I couldn’t see too much of the tomatilla salsa, but I could taste it. Then on top was sprinkled some cilantro. All of this makes a delectable combination that could make a whole meal for a person or served in small slices as an appetizer.

I would buy this again in a second. I really liked it! I’m usually leery of the faux pizza concoctions and they really should even call it pizza except that naming something pizza makes it sell more! I’m not sure how long this one will stick around, it has the look and feel of a transitory product, but I highly recommend trying it if you like mexican type food!

I will rate this one a solid 8 bells! 

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